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Through Silhouette & Shadow, you can access talented figure models to collaborate with and reference as you explore your art, practice your craft and grow as an artist. Through our curated Zoom drawing sessions, you too can create amazing works of art from an affordable investment & the comfort of your own home.
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Supporting our community of artists around the world by providing them with resources to help them grow - wherever they are, whenever they want. Members have access to a growing figurative video library featuring bodies of all types to reference as they practice and learn.

Get inspired to explore your craft alongside other figurative artists, just as artists have done for hundreds of years, now with a modern virtual platform.

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I am a Art & Photo Model, Dance & Performance Artist, fascinated with how the body can be used to express the complex variety of human’s states of being, within both movement and stillness. I explore how movement & performance can be brought in to the stillness of art modelling and photography. I am often described as a “unique” and “versatile” model which can be seen in my poses, inspired by my interest in experimental dance / physical theatre and abstract & surreal art forms. I aim to inspire other artists to push out of their comfort zones when painting & drawing me.
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