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Silhouette and Shadow offers artists a digital live drawing community with endless inspiration through professional models featured daily in online life sessions. Through this platform, models & artists can offer a variety of online drawing session opportunities to connect with the worldwide life-drawing community!

Artists can now engage in their art practice anytime & anywhere. So no matter where you are - you can expand your potential and share your journey with other artists along the way!




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For unique live inspiration with a supportive community, join us for a virtual drawing session live on Zoom. Silhouette & Shadow offers virtual live drawing sessions on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

We also invite everyone in our community to share their own classes and events on our calendar to ensure you'll find one-of-a-kind live drawing experiences every day of the week! That's why you'll find one-of-a-kind live drawing experiences on Silhouette & Shadow every day of the week!




  • 4 credits/month
  • Credits never expire
  • Use Credits on any user's drawing session
  • Pay no additional Paypal fees
  • Access to the Entire Video Library
  • Bills Monthly & automatically adds 4 credits
  • This subscription is best for artists who want to draw from recordings consistently & join 2-3 sessions a month



  • Credits never expire
  • Use Credits on any users Session
  • Use Credits to rent videos in the library
  • Pay lower Paypal fees when you buy credits in bulk
  • Artists use credits on Silhouette & Shadow to purchase art experiences - this helps simplify our payouts & create a seamless experience for our artist community.
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What video service do you use?

Each model uses a different video service. The most common option we see is Zoom, then Google Meet. Feel free to Contact the Event Organizer to learn more details about their upcoming session if you have any questions.

Who are the models?

Models around the world use Silhouette & Shadow as a platform to share virtual drawing opportunities. They come from a variety of places & backgrounds! Anyone can create a session & share it on our calendar. To learn more about each model, make sure to check out their profile & the social media links they’ve shared there!

How do I join a session?

Click on the session you’d like to join in the Session Calendar. Then click ‘Register’ on the session details page. You will be sent an email to confirm your attendance. When it’s time for the session to start, go back to the event page, copy the provided password & click ‘Join Session’, which will take you immediately to the video meeting.

Can I take screenshots?

For our model’s privacy, no images or videos from the site can leave the site without the model’s strict consent. During virtual sessions, models have the option to allow screenshots & the conditions of those references. Each event page will share the model’s policy on this. Always read the session details to find out the expectations from that session. Absolutely no imagery from the video library or any virtual drawing session can be shown off-site. Only the work you create can be shared from your time with Silhouette & Shadow! Failure to comply with these expectations will result in removal from the community.

Who moderates the session?

The models are in charge of their sessions. They Dj, moderate, time poses, move cameras and chat with members. It’s a lot of stuff to do, so please listen to updates and follow directions while you are in session. Writing suggestions in the Zoom chat feature is a great way to communicate with the model about any updates.

What is the etiquette for a virtual session?

We’re all here to make some art, so here are some codes of conduct to help it run smoothly.

1. Keep your camera on during breaks and while the model is talking.

2. Mute your mic while the model is posing.

3. Only take screenshots if the model allows and always tip their requested amount.

4. Share your work and tag S&S and the model!

Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership anytime! Just go to your profile page & click the ‘Cancel’ button in your ‘Subscription’ section.

How do I view the calendar in my time zone?

In the upper right corner of the Calendar page, you’ll see an option to change the time zone to your local time!

How do I use the video library?

To purchase - Choose a video that you’d like to draw from the library. Then click ‘Preview’ this will take you to the page where you can choose how long you’d like to rent the video. Once you rent a video you can find it in the videos tab on your profile page. here.

For Members - The process is the same, but instead of purchasing, you can choose which video you’d like to view & it will queue for you on your profile under the Video tab. here.

Can other people see my profile?

Yes, profiles are visible to non-members and members, so feel free to share your work and check out the other amazing things our members are creating!

What if I can no longer attend a session?

Just go back to the event page & click the ‘Unregister’ button. Those credits will go back to your profile & you can use them on a different session. Artists may change their attendance for a session up to 10 minutes before the session starts. After that time, any credits are forfeit if you cannot attend.

What if a session gets canceled?

If a model needs to cancel any session, those credits will go back to your account automatically. If a model does not show for a session, please email them about the event & CC info@silhouetteandshadow.com so that we can coordinate the refund of your credits.

How do I contact the event organizer?

ou can contact them through the event page. In the upper left side of every event page there is a button that says ‘Contact Organizer’ - just click this button to send them an email.

What if I’d like to send an additional tip?

If models have added their tipping link to their profile, you will find a tipping link on their event pages & on their profile page. If you don’t see that button, just contact the event organizer to learn where to send an additional tip.

What if I didn’t enjoy the session & would like a refund?

If you would like a refund, please contact the event organizer & CC info@silhouetteandshadow.com to learn more about their individual refund policies. Because Silhouette & Shadow is a platform, we do not produce all the sessions that you can attend through our calendar. Thus we cannot offer refunds on other users' events or be held responsible for unmet expectations of those sessions. However, we will always try to make sure that sessions meet all the expectations they set!

Want to try a virtual session for the first time?

Join us for a Silhouette & Shadow Sunday session! We host these 3 hour sessions almost every week with a professional model in our Chicago art studio. These are only $12 to attend - making amazing art doesn't have to break the bank!